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Is it possible to generate electricity directly from heat?

You then may do what power plants do if you've got lots of heat -- it is possible to use the heat to produce steam, and use the steam. A generator, which generates electricity can be driven by the turbine. This set up is quite common, but it ...

How the Tesla Powerwall Works

Tesla Motors started a high tension-wire buzz among utility sector wonks and solar power users by declaring its entry into industrial battery marketplace and the house. The firm would offer two house batteries, a 7 kilowatthour Powerwall for ...

How the Dyson Bladeless Fan Works

In October 2009, the consumer electronics company, renowned because of its line of vacuum cleaners of James Dyson, introduced a brand new device to the marketplace called the Dyson Air Multiplier. The Air Multiplier is a fan with the uncommon ...

How the Raspberry Pi Works

Several potential causes were understood by the Cambridge professors, including social problems involving the market that would require enormous attempts to correct and education. Among the offenders, however, was something they believed a ...